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We have a strong capability in origination, execution and asset and loan management to ensure we deliver expected results

We specialise in identifying, structuring and managing loans secured by real estate within Australia. We focus on risk mitigation through risk assessment and management, governance and operational platforms. We co-invest with our investors to ensure alignment.

By leveraging our deep industry contacts and professional advisors, we are able to gain critical industry and asset insights.

Gemi’s investment team focuses on three core requirements in every transaction:



the quality of the underlying project is at the core to Gemi’s investment criteria. Despite our conservative loan to value ratios, this is seen to be critical to our ability to be repaid.


who the sponsor behind the project is, their experience in delivering similar projects and their financial position are some of the factors we consider. We insist on meeting every sponsor prior to making a loan.


returning capital to our investors is paramount to our business model and we therefore focus on ensuring a defined exit strategy and a number of options to facilitate our exit in a timely fashion.

Additional investment criteria considered include investment metrics such as internal rate of return (IRR), term to maturity (typically 3-12 months) and conservative loan-to-valuation ratios (LVR). We consider other risk factors including adequate level of presale coverage, collateral security and personal guarantees from the sponsor.

Gemi works with well-established loan originators and high-quality borrowers, which has enabled us to establish a high-quality loan book and deliver exceptional risk-adjusted returns to our investors.